I will build your church website for a donation of $100 to our ministy.
I ask for a $50 donation to start and $50 upon completion.
The hosting service is only $14.95 per month once it is built.

Contact me at bob@time2reach.org with any questions.

We want to turn AMERICA upside down with the Gospel!!!!

This is part of our ministry and we want to help equip churches to REACH the lost!
Here are some examples of  sites we have finished:

The River Church of God  North Carolina

New Hope Church of God in Oklahoma

Living Word in Buchanon West Virginia

Here are the sites we are currently working on!

In this day and age it is a necessity to have a website!  If you want to REACH the masses you have to have an attractive presentation on the internet!  It gives the pople in your church another easy non-threatening way for them to REACH out and witness.  Most people you talk to will ask you "do you have a website?"  Unfortunately some people will judge your church before they ever get there based on your website.  Paul said he would be all thing to all people so he might win some!  

     A website is also a very powerful tool for your church to communicate.  You can have a church calender to keep all of your events posted so everyone can access it at all times!  You can post devotionals.  You can send out mass emails to your members and you can use this tool in many other ways!

     The whole point is to utilize every avenue possible to REACH your friends, family and community!  I would love the opportunity to help your church build a website! 

Contact me at

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